This program has allowed my child to grow in many ways. He has learned social skills and how to play well with others in group settings. The things he has learned in such a short period of time amazes me. It’s great to hear him come home from school and tell me about his day and how much he likes his teacher and friends.

Desiree B. West Greene Pre-K Classroom


When it came time to look for a preschool for our son, we looked at a lot of preschools. The education that we wanted for him based on my experience in the field was not available on our budget. When we heard about the Pre-K program at Smartkids we were skeptical that it would fully cover all our preferences for his education. After going to orientation, it became apparent that the set up and approach to learning could not be improved upon. Our experience with the Pre-K Counts program has bypassed our expectations.

Before the Pre-K program, my son was home with me with little to no interaction with children his age. We wanted to put him in preschool, but could not afford it. When we learned of the Pre-K program we immediately signed him up. We were excited to learn he was accepted. Since then he has thrived. His teachers Ashley and Amy are amazing! I was impressed when my three year old came home able to write his first name.


My daughter has been in the Pre-K program for 2 years. We just recently registered her for kindergarten where she had the opportunity to sit down with one of the kindergarten teachers. The kindergarten teacher then came back and talked to my husband and me. The kindergarten teacher said there are normally several things they tell parents to work on during the summer with their child prior to them starting kindergarten. She went on to say that there is nothing we need to work on this summer with our daughter because she is already well prepared to start kindergarten.


Our family loves the Pre-K program. My daughter has autism and before she started school, she really didn’t talk much, but now words are spilling out of her mouth. Everyone comments on how much she’s changed/improved in just a few months. She now listens to directions. She can count and everyday she’s saying new words. She’s four years old and loves getting up in the mornings and getting ready for school.