• Comprehensive child development programs serving eligible children from age 3 to age 5 and their families
  • Child-focused with the overall goal of increasing school readiness of young children
  • Home visits are completed to establish and develop staff and family relationships
  • Parent involvement is a key element - parents participate in every aspect of the program, including program governance

Education Services

  • Full-day, school year services through center based and home-based settings
  • Age appropriate activities in a responsive learning environment
  • Classrooms and group socialization sites located throughout Washington and Greene Counties
  • Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom with their children

Home Based Services

  • School year education and social services provided through home visits and monthly socialization days
  • Parents are guided and encouraged in their role as the primary educator
  • Concepts of empowerment, strength building, resource matching, community involvement and family independence are introduced and supported

Health & Nutrition Services

  • Promoting that families establish and maintain a medical and dental home for all children
  • Supports comprehensive medical and dental examinations and necessary follow-up treatment for all children
  • Educates and promotes maintaining up-to-date immunizations according to the CDC reccommendations for each child
  • Health and nutrition education for staff, children and families encourages positive health practices, well-being, prevention and early detection

What can I expect to find in Head Start Classrooms?

  • Degreed teachers with expertise and experience in Early Childhood Education
  • A curriculum that will help your child grow, academically and socially
  • Opportunities to regularly review your child's progress and choose teaching and learning activities that are best for your child
  • The experiences your child needs for a smooth transition to kindergarten

Program Eligibility

  • Eligibility based on verification of the family's income according to the federal poverty guidelines and the child's age (3 to 5 non-eligible kindergarten)
  • Priority for 10% of the total enrollment opportunities is given to children with diagnosed disabilities
  • Priority for children of families identified as homeless
  • Program services available to residents of Washington and Greene Counties.


Head Start Income Eligibility Guidelines - Effective January 1, 2016

Family Size



























*Some families may be determined eligible based on other criteria (i.e. disability)


Contact Us

For more information, please contact us at:

1-877-814-0788 x 455 (toll free)

724-225-9550 X455 (Washington County)

724-852-2893 X455 (Greene County)