Community Action Southwest and local child care centers have partnered to offer the Early Head Start Child Care Partnership program to eligible children and families of infants & toddlers in Washington County. Through this program, families of infants and toddlers receive the high quality child care along with comprehensive Early Head Start (EHS) services.

EHS comprehensive services include child development & early learning, health & nutrition, mental health & disabilities, and parent & family engagement.  

Education Services

  • Full-day, school year services through center based settings.
  • Age appropriate activities in a responsive, nurturing environment.
  • Developmental assessment & screenings to track progress and inform planning.

Health & Nutrition Services

  • Assures that families establish and maintain a medical home for all children.
  • Supports comprehensive medical examinations and dental screenings and necessary follow-up treatment for all children.
  • Educates and promotes maintaining up-to-date immunizations according to the CDC recommendations for each child.
  • Health & nutrition education for staff, children and families.
  • Encourages positive health practices, well-being, prevention and early detection.
  • Emphasis on social & emotional growth and early childhood mental health wellness.

Parent & Family Engagement

  • Opportunities for parent & family engagement are offered, including program planning, decision-making, and volunteering in the classroom.
  • Family Partnership goal planning and resources are provided to support growth in the areas of education, employment, and finances.

Program Eligibility

  • Limited enrollment slots available.
  • Families must qualify for both Early Head Start and CCIS (child care subsidy).
  • Eligibility based on verification of the family's income according to the federal poverty guidelines and child's age (birth to age 3).
  • Priority for children of families identified as homeless.
  • Priority for 10% of the total enrollment opportunities is given to children with diagnosed disabilities.
  • Available to residents of Washington and Greene Counties. 


Early Head Start Income Eligibility Guidelines - Effective January 1, 2016

Family Size



























*Some families may be determined eligible based on other criteria (i.e. disability)


Contact Us

For more information, please contact an Early Head Start Supervisor at:

1-877-814-0788 x429 (toll free)

724-225-9550 x429 (Washington County)

724-852-2893 x429 (Greene County)

For more information about our child care partner programs, visit the websites below:

Sunshine Kids